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About us

BP Tour has been constantly gaining position on the national market since 1997, having become one of the most dynamically developing companies in the passenger transport sector. BP Tour has simultaneously become one of the most recognizable operators both in regular shuttle service and national tourism.

In 2008 BP Tour obtained the international passenger transport certificate, since which time we have been regularly expanding our fleet of mini-buses and coaches, purchasing extensively equipped vehicles manufactured by top European brands. All our vehicles meet strict safety and emission norms. Our fleet currently comprises over 60 coaches and mini-buses.

Our coaches are by standard equipped with:

- DVD system 

- satellite navigation 

- excellent sound system 

- capacious fridge 

- individual interior lighting 

- lockers and comfortable handles with hangers 

- board toilet

- coffee bar

- electronic air conditioning 

- tinted glass with sunscreen blinds 

Simultaneously with developing our fleet and range of services, we have put consistent effort in providing our drivers with regular and varied professional training – facilitating their excellence in everyday performance.

Our services are directed towards individual customers, state and private companies, schools of all kinds, travel agencies, concert agencies, etc. We maintain steady cooperation with over 100 Polish and foreign companies.

Comfort and safety of our passengers are two major principles we are driven by.

To guarantee that,

  • all our vehicles are equipped with integrated safety systems
  • we are able to conduct regular technical inspections relying on our own professional service
  • we strictly respect driving-time limits
  • all our passengers travel insured
  • our office remains in contact with every driver, ready to act in unexpected situations
  • our drivers are largely experienced professionals

In April 2008, in order to maintain the highest quality of service, we have implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

 Best regards,

 Piotr Brewczak

 Managing Director